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Experienced Plumbers with Permanent Solutions.

The Westover Plumbing team is a relatively small, family-owned business, but we make a big impact on our customers’ homes, families, and businesses.

Our philosophy is pretty simple.

  • Treat you fairly and respectfully.
  • Pick up the phone. Return calls quickly. Show up on time.
  • Be transparent about pricing and all work that needs to be done.
  • Instead of relying solely on the experience of the technician in the field, take advantage of the owner’s decades of experience and discuss what needs to be done before moving forward with any repair, replacement, or installation.
  • Take the time to find the root cause of plumbing issues and fix them the right way instead of rushing out the door.
  • Repair, replace, or install equipment in a way that maximizes performance and resilience and minimizes disruption and risk.


We take the same approach with every residential and commercial plumbing project in the Greater Raleigh area. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to show you how our approach solves and prevent problems and help you rest easy at night!

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Glen Rosciano of Westover Plumbing in Raleigh NC
Glen Rosciano - Raleigh’s Go-To Plumber.

Meet Glen Rosciano

Owner & Founder of Westover Plumbing

Plumbing is all Glen has ever done. His father was a plumber. His uncle and cousins are plumbers. As far back as he can remember, he was on the job helping his dad.

Glen spent most of his adult life working for other plumbing companies. After reaching a point where he was the most experienced plumber on the team, Glen knew it was time to start a company that would reflect his expertise and the values he learned from his father. With a lifetime of experience – not an exaggeration considering he started when he was a teen – Glen wanted to have the final say about how each job should be handled.

Glen founded Westover Plumbing in 2018. His eyes and ears are on every residential and commercial project to ensure proper protocols are followed. He makes sure every customer feels confident that they’ve received the value they paid for. This is the vision Glen always had for his own company, and he’s proud that Westover Plumbing lives up to his high standards every single day.

Glen feels honored to be the only plumber that many restaurant owners and church managers call.  

Whether you’re building a new home or restaurant or need need some repairs, Westover Plumbing will be there for you and your home or business.

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We are Raleigh's #1 Plumbing Company

Contact Westover Plumbing to get to have your plumbing questions answered and addressed. Residential customers, ask about our free, whole-house inspection of your plumbing system! Commercial customers, please contact us for our proactive maintenance program.


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