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Our job is to solve plumbing problems at the source and reduce your stress load! Our residential plumbing services include but are not limited to:

Cary plumbing company doing sink and drain repairs

Plumbing Repairs

Small problems like a running toilet or leaky faucet can be more than just annoying. These issues can turn into expensive headaches if left unfixed. We fix plumbing problems at their source so they don’t come back!

Cary remodeling company kitchen repairs

Remodeling Services

If you are remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, we can replumb your bathroom for new fixtures.

Plumbing Installation

You can trust us with all your plumbing needs in your new home like installation of pipes, showers, tubs & sinks.

Drain Cleaning & Sewer Repairs

Whether it is cleaning a clogged drain or troubleshooting an underground septic tank, we know what’s right and will offer you the best possible solution.

Gas line installed in Cary home by Westover plumbing the best plumbing company in Cary

Gas Line Services

Whether you need an emergency repair or you are upgrading your home and need new gas lines installed. we can help. We are a Licensed Fuel Gas Installer.

Tankless water heater installed in Cary home by Westover Plumbing - best plumbing company in Cary

Water Heaters

We’ll be there to determine your water heater can be repaired or you need a replacement.

Complementary inspections included

create peace of mind

A residential plumbing system is often a complex collection of equipment and processes that depend on each other to function properly. That’s why we offer residential customers a complimentary inspection of the plumbing system for homes with any service!

When we visit your home, we’ll perform a whole-house, photo-documented inspection of your plumbing system. You only pay for the service call and any work that needs to be done.

We’ll look under every sink, inspect every fixture and accessible pipe, check your water heater, and go into your basement and/or crawlspace. We’ll snap pictures and take notes that are automatically uploaded into our database.

We’ll then provide you with a comprehensive report and recommendations based on our observations and the information we gather. This will allow you to proactively address potential issues or simply gain peace of mind from knowing everything is in great shape.

Westover Plumbing fixing Cary home kitchen sink drain
Raleigh & Cary area homeowners:

Residential Plumbing System Inspections

Proactive Maintenance Program

Prevention is always better than waiting until something bad happens to take action. We created the Proactive Maintenance Program to help you extend the life of your system and avoid unexpected, high-cost repairs!

For just $175 per year, you receive:

  • Two visits to your home per year with no trip fee or diagnostic fee.
  • A free whole-house inspection of your plumbing system as detailed above.
  • 15% off any work that needs to be done.
Best plumber in Cary - Westover Plumbing - shows up when they say they will
"Glen and his team at Westover Plumbing did a fantastic job diagnosing a water heater and plumbing issue that I had in my new home. They were able to diagnose and fix the issue in under 3 hours, and that includes getting and installing a new water heater! "
Caroline M.
Cary, NC
Cary plumbing company - water filtration

Rest Easy, we can help.

If any part of your home’s plumbing system isn’t performing as it should, or you want to find out more about our complimentary inspection and Proactive Maintenance Program, get in touch with Westover Plumbing today!

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